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Training modalities


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Training Goal: :  The goal of this training program is to give the opportunity learners to become familiar with the world number one ERP product in a short time and at a low cost.

  • Training location: Online (via Internet connection). You will connect to a virtual classroom using an access code that you will receive when you enroll, and you will take the training Online from the comfort of your own location.
  • Duration: 3-day Boot Camp training; from Friday, September 6, 2019
  • 3 Training Modules: SAP Finance and Control; SAP Human Resources; SAP Materials Management (part of SAP Logistics)
  • Prerequisite: Ideally, have a University level education, have a general knowledge of the functioning of an enterprise, possess a good computer utilisation skill and Internet navigation skill.
  • Certificate: A Certificate of participation is awarded to all participants.

We give you the opportunity to discover, for free, the modalities of our training programs by allowing you to register and join any of our online SAP ERP demonstration sessions for free. You are free to enroll in the training by reserving your seat now rather than later.





4 reasons for you to take the SAP ERP training


Reason 1: Because SAP ERP is the number 1 ERP in the world. The largest enterprises use SAP ERP. Currently, there are more than 232.000 SAP ERP clients in the world with millions of SAP ERP users in more than 130 countries. More and more small to medium size enterprises in Africa are taking interest in SAP ERP.

Reason 2: Because taking a SAP ERP training multiplies your chances of employment as a SAP ERP Consultant, or SAP ERP User, or SAP ERP Project Manager… as well as other very lucrative SAP ERP-related job opportunities. (Many professionals have contacted us for training after failing job interviews due to lack of SAP ERP knowledge).

Reason 3: Because everyday, without exaggeration, there are new SAP ERP job offers. Hiring for SAP ERP jobs is currently ongoing for full-time, part-time or freelance professionals, with very lucrative remunerations in comparison to employment opportunities in other ERP products.

Reason 4: Because SAP ERP uses best business practice. No matter what ERP product you are familiar with, taking SAP ERP training will allow you to boost your ERP skills and to discover the performance of ERP products in general.

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